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Capcom hints at a summer release for PS4 RPG Deep Down

More news coming next month

Capcom has given some new indications of when they're hoping to release their free-to-play PS4 RPG Deep Down.

The game was originally aiming to be released alongside with the PS4's Japanese launch back in February but Capcom held it back saying it just wasn't ready. The new release window was announced tentatively by Capcom's Kazunori Sugiura in a series of posts on Twitter.

He stated, “Currently Deep Down is being developed intensively at GW moving towards the public beta test. PS4 users have waited a lot, but please wait a bit longer.” Capcom hints at a summer release for PS4 RPG Deep Down

“We’re publishing two new screenshots of the game in development. The public beta test is currently scheduled for the summer,” he continued. “Our boss Ono-san says ‘summer is when you’re wearing short sleeves’ and we like to do that in the office but…. We will report again on our progress in June!”

Thanks VG247.

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