North Yankton DLC may be planned for GTA V

Source code also references Niko Bellic

Rockstar will be planning some downloadable content for GTA V. That is pretty much a given.

However it seems that some eager gamers sifting through source code have managed to find references to downloadable content in GTA V's code. Specifically the term “NY_DLC” which could very well refer to DLC set in North Yankton, where the game's introductory sequence is set.

Also uncovered was the term “BS_Niko”. Now this could be a reference to GTA IV's star Niko Bellic who has already been alluded to by Lester in a cutscene leading up to the first heist mission. What this means is unclear but Niko might make an appearance in some shape or form. North Yankton DLC may be planned for GTA V

It's important to remember that both of these are rumours and Rockstar is highly unlikely to confirm or deny anything until they are ready to talk about DLC.

Thanks Gameranx.