Defiance to go free-to-play

On the PC and the Xbox 360 at the very least

Trion Worlds has announced that their sci-fi shooter Defiance is set to go free-to-play from next month.

All of the game that was released at full-price retail value in 2013 will go free-to-play on the PC and the Xbox 360. This also includes all of the “original end-game content and future missions completely for free."

Defiance is a transmedia project and the game ties in with the SyFy TV series. With the launch of the second series approaching they have also announced that new missions that tie in with series two are coming soon. Defiance to go free-to-play

The PC version of the game will go free-to-play from June the 4th. The dates for the Xbox 360 version's free-to-play switch are yet to be confirmed.

Thanks OXM.

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