NCSOFT announces open beta dates for Wildstar

Open beta begins this week

NCSOFT has announced the launch dates for the open beta of Carbine Studios' upcoming MMO Wildstar.

The open beta test of the game is due to run between May the 8th and May the 18th with an increased level cap of 30 over earlier closed beta tests.

They'll also be hosting a handful of events to celebrate the open beta. First is an Open Beta Livestream which will take place at 7pm BST on Thursday the 8th on the Wildstar Twitch channel. NCSOFT announces open beta dates for Wildstar

The next is a Developer Livestream on May the 9th, again at 7pm BST on Twitch again where they'll be talking about Raids and Warplots as well as talking about the higher level beta gameplay that will be available.

Finally they will be holding a questions and answer session on social media from 7pm BST again on May the 9th answering questions on the game on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Vines, Twitch and the Forums.

Wildstar is due to be released on PC and Mac on Tuesday the 3rd of June. More information on the beta will be available on the Wildstar website.

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