Techland's Hellraid re-unveiled for next-gen consoles

And it's coming to Steam Early Access

Techland has re-revealed their long-lost fantasy brawler Hellraid for next-gen consoles.

Hellraid began life as a Dead Island weapon mod inspired by playing ninties adventures Hexen and Heretic but it had disappeared from view for some time.

Now, with a technology switch from Techland's older engine to their new Chrome 6 technology (the same engine that powers Dying Light) it is coming to next-gen consoles and will even hit Steam Early Access in the autumn. Techland's Hellraid re-unveiled for next-gen consoles

Hellraid's producer Marcin Kruczkiewicz explains the delay, “Basically, we’ve built a new melee and magic combat system from scratch, and it’s really changed how the game is played and what experience you get. Shifting from four character classes to one universal class that has access to all previously class-specific skills was also a major decision.”

“We believe it’s a good one too,” he continued, “because players will be free to adapt the character to the play-style of their preference. A lot of people playtesting Hellraid weren’t satisfied that they couldn’t combine, for example, the Barbarian’s battle strength and two-handed axes with the Mage’s resistance and powerful spells or the Rogue’s agility and crossbows. Well, now they can combine them however they like.”

Thanks VG247.

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