GameSpot stalwart quits

Gerstmann controversy sees writer depart

Long-time game reviewer Alex Navarro has quit CNET games site GameSpot, the veteran writer blaming the recent Jeff Gerstmann controversy for his departure from the website.

News of the departure was confirmed to Joystiq, Navarro commenting: "I felt like it was just time for me to go," he revealed in an interview. "Certainly [the decision to leave] had a lot to do with the whole Jeff situation. ... I wouldn't have left if this situation hadn't gone down the way it did. ... Sometimes you just realize a place isn't for you anymore, you know?"

The writer wouldn't comment directly on CNET's explanation for Gerstmann's firing - at the time linked to an average review for Kane & Lynch, which it's rumoured saw Eidos pull a massive ad campaign - stating that blog posts since the controversy have made "the sentiment pretty clear."

"There are a lot of people over there still trying to work hard and get through this, keep the name and the reputation of the site alive," Navarro revealed. "Obviously that's not an easy thing right now, but they're still working their asses off trying to keep the dream alive. ... Part of the reason I felt like I had to go now was that I wasn't necessarily keeping up the same level of passion anymore, and that it wasn't fair to those guys to stick around there if I wasn't on board all the way."

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