Welcome to the Powerdrome

Another new game from Argonaut

Sounding a little like a 1980's action movie with a Frankie Goes to Hollywood soundtrack, comes Powerdrome, another newly announced title from Argonaut. This futuristic racer will be developed by the company's Sheffield studio, and will be out on the Xbox and PS2.

The game is based on the classic Amiga / Atari original, and promises a number of gravity defying races, taking place across several courses, locations and championships. All manner of out of this world vehicles will also, of course, compete.

Original designer Michael Powell now heads the team developing the new Powerdrome and despairs of the lack of distinctiveness in recent future-racing titles. Quantum Redshift anyone?

"We looked at the genre and decided at some point it had taken a wrong turn. With Powerdrome we intend to offer ultra high-speed racing in its purest form, no floating pick-ups, no tacked-on weapons, you only need those when the racing itself isn't good enough. We are dumping the gimmicks and putting the skill back in," rants Powell.

This fast-paced title will include support for Xbox Live, enabling gamers to go head-to-head online. It might actually be quite good, too.

E3 Trailer