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GoldenEye Arcade rumours persist

Was project halted because of Nintendo wrangling?

Microsoft are continuing their silence regarding a new version of GoldenEye N64 for the Xbox Live Arcade, with reports continuing to swirl that Rare are - or have been - working on a version of the game for the 360 downloads service.

GoldenEye on the N64 was of course one of the most celebrated games of the 90s, and we learnt earlier this month that the retro hit could be on the way to the Arcade as part of a Rare-developed port, which was set to include improved graphics and an online multiplayer mode.

According to, the developer had been working on the game for several month, even improving weapons and maps, but the plug was pulled just two months before completion, after MS and Nintendo failed to agree a royalties deal. Issues related to ongoing royalties or the payment of a one-fee appeared to be the sticking point - not that any of this is in any way official, of course.

For their part, MS state that they are 'flattered' by interest surrounding the game, but typically have nothing to offer at present.

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