Argonaut look to Carve a Niche

Coming to the Xbox soon

Argonaut Games today announced Carve, a water racing based title in development for the Xbox, which promises intense team-based AI, a mass of extreme tricks and full online racing via Microsoft's Xbox Live. Which could be a giggle.

Twenty-seven visually rich race locales are promised, with the Argonaut team's extensive 'fact-finding' missions jetting them off to Thailand, Iceland, Amsterdam and the Grand Canyon. All in the name of "research".

The developers unique technology promises the most attractive recreation of the sloshing wet-stuff yet seen in a game, which we sincerely hope means water. All in all we're promised great graphics, physics and AI - as well as Xbox Live multiplayer support to combine in this interesting game. More on Carve as we get it.

E3 Trailer