Chain Gang turns Whiplash

New action game from Crystal Dynamics

Chain Gang, the working title for a mysterious new Eidos / Crystal Dynamics game has been officially announced this weekend as Whiplash', which will feature Spanx and Redmond, who find themselves chained together as they attempt to escape from an animal product-testing corporation. Naturally, we agree with Whiplash's anti-vivisection message, but are somewhat perplexed but intrigued by the idea of a unique 'chain' gameplay mechanic.

The game promises a rich and involving environment, full of action - and generally sounds like a platform adventure game, with an alternative character chained next to you thrown in for good measure. Playing as Spanx, you must use Redmond as a weapon to not only escape, but also to free other enslaved animals and bankrupt the corporation by destroying property. Very May day.

"Today's sophisticated gamers expect more from character-based games than arbitrary collecting and monotonous platform jumping. Our goal is to re-define this genre by adding relevance and depth to the gameplay while still remaining highly accessible," enthuses Noah Hughes, lead designer.

This premise sounds particularly amusing:

For example, Spanx uses Redmond to chain whip attackers, as a grappling hook to swing over hazards, or to clog a toilet creating a foul flood to ward off enemies. Working against the twosome are a multitude of baddies ranging from ruthless scientists and unsanitary surgeons, to crooked rent-a-cops and the evil CEO of the corporation.

Whiplash will be out this autumn on the PS2 and Xbox.

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