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Burnout 3 goes Xbox Original

1200 points for you sir

On Monday, January the 14th at 10am GMT, Burnout 3: Takedown will be added to the Xbox Originals store on the Xbox Live service. That's the word from Microsoft's semi-official Gamerscoreblog. And who are we to doubt them?

Apparently, Burnout 3 had been earmarked as an Xbox Original all along, but was replaced at the last moment by Fahrenheit. Halo, Psychonauts and other Xbox favourites count among the retrograde re-releases, whereby Xbox hits can be acquired in downloadable form - a bit like a heftier version of the Arcade, with a few more bugs to boot.

Burnout 3 will apparently cost 1200 Microsoft Points like every other major release, and oddly this is the only driving game offered as an Xbox Original to date. Lets hope it isn't broken, or something.

We'll have more news on this for you when Microsoft deem us worthy.

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