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Xbox 360 halts BC updates

No more updates for older titles?

Microsoft are "winding down" work on the Xbox 360's backwards compatibility, it emerges today, the firm revealing that future update patches making old Xbox games work on the new console are likely to be rare to non-existent. This could mean that no older titles will earn backwards compatibility on the new console from now on.

Over 465 games are now compatible, and Microsoft clearly feel that the future lies in the consoles new releases now: "I don't know if we have plans to do any more releases," Xbox group marketing boss Albert Penello told Kotaku. "It feels like we kind of hit the point of diminishing returns there. I know with the Xbox Originals, there are still things happening there, but in terms of a lot of engineering work around bringing out new titles, I think they're winding that down."

"For the most part, we've crossed off games that people want to play ... there's always going to be a notable exception here or there," Penello added, noting that fewer people than ever were downloading the BC updates anyway.

What your thoughts on this, Xboxites?

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