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Torchlight II quietly sells 2 million copies

Runic Games thanks the community for its support

Runic Games has announced the latest sales figures for their new dungeon crawler Torchlight II.

Since its release in September of last year Torchlight II has quietly managed to sell two million copies. This is double what the original Torchlight has sold in two years.

"We are overwhelmed by the reception for Torchlight II. To hit this milestone is a testament not only to our dedicated development team, but also to the greatest, most positive gaming community I've ever seen," stated Runic CEO, Max Schaefer. Torchlight II quietly sells 2 million copies

The developer's president Travis Baldtree added a special message to the community saying, "It wouldn't have been possible without you and we're humbled and grateful at your response."

Thanks GamesIndustry.biz.

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