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Xbox One Call Of Duty: Ghosts 720p issues not down to hardware says Infinity Ward

A combination of issues led to the decision

Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin has been taking about their rather controversial decision to have the Xbox One version of Call Of Duty: Ghosts run at 720p.

In a new, in-depth technical interview with Eurogamer's Digital Foundry Rubin explains that the Xbox One is capable of running Call Of Duty: Ghosts at 1080p but the way it currently makes use of its hardware resources made it difficult to achieve their exacting frame rate standard of 60fps.

Rubin said, “There's no specific, oh, well, the VO chat on Xbox took up so much resources that we couldn't do 1080p native. There's no definitive one to one per se cause and effect. It's just an overall thing. We took each system individually and said, 'okay, let's make the best game for each system.'” Xbox One Call Of Duty: Ghosts 720p issues not down to hardware says Infinity Ward

He added that building launch titles for a new console is exceptionally demanding as the way the console's OS makes use of the hardware is constantly changing right up to launch. This meant that the decision to optimize the Xbox One version of Ghosts in 720p at 60fps was take only a month ago and it was not taken lightly.

“I think both look great,” Rubin stressed. “Some people might notice if they had them right next to each other. Some people might not. The Xbox One is 1080p output, it's just upscaled hardware wise.”

Call Of Duty: Ghosts is due out tomorrow on PS3, xbox 360, Wii U and PC. It will arrive on the Xbox One on November the 22nd. The PS4 version hits North America on November the 15th and Europe and the UK on November 29th.