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Duel Of Fates DLC arrives for Ryse: Son Of Rome

Three more historically-inspired maps arrive for Ryse

The third bundle of downloadable content, Duel Of Fates, has arrived for Ryse: Son Of Rome.

This new pack features three new maps for Ryse's multiplayer modes – Barbarous and Invictus for Arena mode and Island for Survival mode. All three maps are loosely based on real events from the history of the Roman Empire.

Invictus draws inspiration from the series of slave uprisings known as the Servile Wars. Barbarous is inspired by the barbarian uprisings that led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Duel Of Fates DLC arrives for Ryse: Son Of Rome

Duel Of Fates is available to download now on Xbox Live for the Xbox One for 4.79 GBP. It is also available as part of Ryse's 15.99 GBP season pass.

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