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PSP's Patapon goes West

Drums of war...

The latest quirky handheld sensation, the PSP's Patapon, is getting on the boat to western gaming markets, Sony Computer Entertainment have today revealed. The music-based action title will be out in North America come February 2008, with a European release set for around the same time.

Patapon, a SCE Japan creation, sees players using drum beats to control an army, with different rhythms conspiring to command your troops to defend, attack and undertake other maneuvers as you battle rival armies.

Patapon is a 2D title, sporting colourful visuals, and will include 30 missions and all manner of power-ups and the like.

"For the next few moments, I will be your guide into the world of the Patapons, their home Patapolis, and the overall game design and play mechanics that have melded 300, Simon Says, and LocoRoco into one gigantic tap-your-feet-while-you-march-and-conquer adventure," associate producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda told the PlayStation blog.

"As stated before, the Patapons are a warrior tribe exiled from their home. They’ve lost all will and direction until you, the Great Patapon, comes along and quite literally beats new life into the tribe. You’ll learn that the Patapons follow the beats of your mighty war drum, and as lead them through their world, you’ll find different drums that will help you instruct the Patapons to attack, retreat, and invoke secret JuJu chants."

Apparently, Patapon is the brainchild of "French toy/graphic designer ROLITO and Japanese game designer Hiroyuki Kotani," and we'll bring you more soon.

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