DirectX 12 should boost Xbox One performance says Trials Fusion devs

And even aid porting too

RedLynx, the guys behind the infuriating Trials series has revealed their thoughts on the benefits DirectX 12 will bring when it arrives later on in 2015.

Sebastian Aaltonen, lead graphics programmer at RedLynx stated that DirectX 12 should definitely provide improvements to the performance of the Xbox One and it may even aid porting games as well.

“Xbox 360 got a big boost from the low-level graphics API,” Aaltonen began. “We managed to hit up to 10k draw calls per frame (at 60fps) in Trials Evolution using the low-level Xbox 360 graphics API, as discussed in our earlier interview. We are eagerly waiting to get our hands dirty with DirectX 12. It’s definitely possible that Xbox One will also get a performance boost from a new low-level API.” DirectX 12 should boost Xbox One performance says Trials Fusion devs

“If we have the same API on both the console and PC, porting and code maintenance will be also easier,” he added. “However consoles have unified memory and PC doesn’t, so there still needs to be multiple code paths, for example with data streaming from HDD to GPU. Same is true for any CPU+GPU interoperation. If you need to move the data between them, you most likely want to select a different algorithm for PC, because the PCI Express bandwidth and latency are very slow compared to direct unified memory access of consoles.”

Thanks Eurogamer

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