Sledgehammer's Call Of Duty to be unveiled next week

Activision ask us to prepare for a "new era" of Call Of Duty

[Update] Activision has also released a teaser video talking about PMCs and asking what would happen if the next world superpower was available for hire. It has been accompanied by a handy infographic which features at the bottomt of this post.

[Original Story] Activision has begun to tease the announcement of this year's instalment in the Call Of Duty series.

This year's game is in development at Sledgehammer Games and it will be their first full Call Of Duty game, slipping into the development rotation alongside Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Sledgehammer's Call Of Duty to be unveiled next week

Rumours had emerged earlier this week regarding the announcement and indeed the name and theme of the game. They suggested that this year's game would be called Call Of Duty: Patriots and will be set in a fictional version of the First World War.

What is known for sure is that Sledgehammer's new Call Of Duty game is at the very least next-gen console led.

Activision has set up a teaser site that pops up before you hit the main Call Of Duty website counting down to the announcement and showing a garbled image and the mandatory countdown timer.

The announcement is due to be made on May the 4th on the Call Of Duty website. Sledgehammer's Call Of Duty to be unveiled next week

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