Spelunky, Nidhogg and Skulls Of The Shogun coming to PS4

Host of indie goodies coming to the PS4

Sony has announced another brace of topp indie games heading to the PS4 this year.

First up is the hit roguelike platform adventure Spelunky. Blitworks are porting Mossmouth's game to the PS4 in sparkling 1080p with some bonus social features like the Daily Challenge and the ability to upload replay videos to the online leaderboards. It'll also be a Cross-buy title for those that already own it on the PS3 or PS Vita.

Next up is Messhof's retro-looking, side-scrolling fencing title Nidhogg. Local multiplayer is going to be a keyt feature of this with the PS4 controller's lightbar showing each player's colour. There's goingt o be plenty of AI opponents to practice against as well as online multiplayer. Spelunky, Nidhogg and Skulls Of The Shogun coming to PS4

Another big score is Skulls Of The Shogun. This was one of the few indie games namedropped by Microsoft at their E3 press conference last year. The PS4 version will feature an additional episode building on the 10-hour single-player campaign, new special units, and the new Deadly Alliance multiplayer modes which allows you to team up with another opponent until you curse their inevitable betrayal.

The list also includes Starwhal, Apotheon, Ironclad Tactics, Escape Goat 2, Chasm, Axiom Verge, Jamestown and Drifter.

They're all available to have a look at on the PS Blog.

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