Putty Squad becomes a Cross-Buy title

PS Vita and 3DS versions due next month

System 3 has announced that their retro gaming revival title Putty Squad has become a Cross-Buy title ahead of its release on the PS Vita.

Putty Squad has been given an HD overhaul to bring it to a new generation of gamers via the PS4 and upcoming versions on the PS Vita and 3DS.

System 3 CEO Mark Cale said, “With the festive season recently taken place, we thought there’s no better way than to continue the festivities with the release of Putty Squad on both PlayStation Vita and 4 than as a cross-buy promotion. Gamers will now be able to receive both formats at one affordable price, giving players the option of playing as Putty in the comfort of their home or on the go, as another in a long line of brilliant PS Vita games.” Putty Squad becomes a Cross-Buy title

Putty Squad is due out on the PS Vita and 3DS in May. It's currently available on the PS4 for 19.99 GBP/24.99 EUR.

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