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Disgaea set for PSP

New title sighted

Koei have today announced a new PSP release bound for Sony's handheld, a new entry in the developer's popular Disgaea series.

The game will launch fairly soon too, December in fact, and will be known in full as Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. Once again the Netherworld will play host to the game's battles, as players follow Prince Laharl and his merry band.

Developer Nippon Ichi are at the helm, and the title will include full PSP designed multiplayer action, allowing for full online play with friends from around the world - as well as the sharing of goodies ad hoc style.

If you complete the story mode, taking Etna to the Beauty Queen Ultimate Overlord title, you'll also be treated to a special game ending - which promises to be "one for the fans".

We'll bring you more on Afternoon of Darkness soon.

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