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New Full Throttle 2 details

Take to the road...

Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels will be back to entertain and amuse PS2, Xbox and PC gamers in the Autumn and I must say its looking fantastic. The seedy biker world of the original will now be brought to vivid life in rich 3D, whilst a new engrossing plotline is also planned.

Thirty five levels across twenty unique environments are being touted, as well as a new mixture of game play that blends action with adventure, and even a spot of driving - in Ben's speedy Corley. Dynamic camera angles will tell the tale from a third person perspective.

Here's the official word on the new premise:

Ben discovers his way of life threatened when the highways and byways of his stomping ground, El Nada, are mysteriously torn up and destroyed - and he's not gonna take it! On his tricked-out Corley, Ben sets out with his gang on an action-packed adventure to set things straight. Using their own brand of double-fisted diplomacy, they pursue a rival gang, the Hound Dogs, believing they are to blame for the wrecked roads. However, a murderous plot motivated by money and greed is soon revealed. Ben joins forces with old friends Father Torque, his mentor, and Maureen Corley, heiress to the Corley Motorcycle Company, to bring down a nefarious villain and his evil henchman and ultimately, to preserve the freedom of the open road.
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