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Halo film hope flickers

Microsoft discussions hope to revive flick

Peter Jackson's representative Ken Kamins has revealed that Microsoft are even as you read this (maybe) in talks with new distribution partners keen to help deliver the Halo film project, which has been languishing since Fox and Universal pulled out, despite Peter Jackson's role as producer and Microsoft's billions.

While no deals have been concluded yet, Kamins told Variety Magazine that pre-production is in full swing, with Weta Digital and Weta Workshop (both under the watchful eye of Jackson) hard at work on the movie.

Chatter has it that Fox and Universal pulled out after disagreeing over Microsoft's share of profits from the film, Kamins explaining it thusly: "Basically, they said that in order to move forward with the film, the filmmakers had to significantly reduce their deals. They waited until the last minute to have this conversation. Peter and Fran, after speaking with their producing partners and with Microsoft and Bungie, respectfully declined."

Some speculation has also surrounded the role of newbie director Neill Blomkamp on the project, but Kamins was quick to affirm his importance to the project: "Part of what excited Peter and Fran was Neal's vision. We're very confident this film will move forward with the creative partners intact, who will take the film to production."

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