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Housemarque teases possible co-op mode for Resogun

Announcement is probably coming soonish

Housmarque has been teasing fans with the possibility of improvements to their excellent PS4 arcade shooter Resogun.

They posted a new image on Twitter of two gamers sitting side-by-side on a sofa with the Resogun logo in the bottom right corner.

The picture's caption read, "First of many things to come #RESOGUN #DLC #teaser". Housemarque teases possible co-op mode for Resogun

This follows on from a tweet earlier in the month that said, “Imagine Resogun, right? Now imagine it so much better that you almost forget how good the original was. That. Is. Coming.”

Housemarque has made it known that they are working on the DLC for their hit shooter but have kept very quite on what it will consist of.

Thanks Polygon.

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