PS3 sales rival Wii in Europe

360 slides, meanwhile

The Xbox 360 looks like it could be entering a post Halo 3 lull, if recent figures from Europe prove indicative of things to come, the PlayStation 3 out-selling Microsoft's machine by nearly two-to-one, with Sony also closing the gap on Nintendo's Wii.

The Wii still leads the way, but Sony's autumnal price cutting and PR push seems to be working with the PS3 just 6,000 sales short of the Wii for the week ending October 21st. The Xbox, meanwhile, was unusually off the pace - languishing on 37,000 for the week.

The figures were compiled by VGChartz and are unofficial, but certainly seem to suggest improving fortunes at Sony, while Microsoft will be looking to games like Mass Effect in order to re-assert their previous dominance - which followed so naturally Halo 3's release.

Here's a full run-down of the week's sales:

  1. DS: 171,260
  2. Wii: 70,322
  3. PS3: 64,087
  4. PS2: 57,152
  5. PSP: 54,449
  6. 360: 37,303
  7. GBA: 2,286
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