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More than a third of games bought on Steam go unplayed

Just over half of Half-Life 2's owners have actually played it

New data on the habits of Steam gamers has emerged highlighting some rather startling facts.

Over the last two months Ars Technica has bee carefully analysing publicly-available data on Steam's users and has come up with some impressive stats on Steam.

According to their data around 36.9 percent of all games bought on Steam are never played. Given that there are around 781 million games registered to Steam's users that's a pretty terrifying pile of shame. More than a third of games bought on Steam go unplayed

By way of an example Left 4 Dead 2 is the sixth most-owned title on Steam but of the 10.7 million owners 2.1 million have never even loaded the game up.

Half-Life 2 is even worst with 3.9 million of its 8 million owners having never played it. That's pretty shocking given that it's widely respected as one of the best games of all time.

The full analysis along with an explanation on how they compiled the data is available over on Ars Technica.

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