Respawn outlines more upcoming improvements for Titanfall

Studio working on 'nose art' features among other things

Respawn has announced their plans for the future support for Titanfall across the board.

In a new blog entry, the game's director, Sean Fukuda outlined a selection of improvements emphasising that they are focussed on improving the current experience rather than tacking new features on.

Balances and tweaks include improved scoring for attacking players in Hardpoint, rebalancing tweaks for the Titan's 40mm Cannon and Quad Rocket weapons. More matchmaking improvements are also on the way. Respawn outlines more upcoming improvements for Titanfall

There's more coming in the way of Private Match features and competition-oriented features as well as “convenience features” like the Party Colours feature which allows players to easily identify their fellow party members in the lobby and in-game.

Fukuda also promised that they are working on a new nose-art feature to allow players to customise their own Titans. 

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