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Out Slivers Silver Zelda DS

New bundles incoming,

Nindie.com have just posted some news about a Zelda DS pack that includes a copy of Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and special edition Nintendo DS Lite. The pack seems due for release on December 31st, a slightly strange date in the software calander as this slips beyond most people's christmas shopping window!

The DS included in the pack is of a Silver colour and sports a couple of natty tattoos on the front of the machine. The Phantom Hourglass logo sits on the right with an image of Zelda on the left. Both are drawn in a stark black stencil style and look suitably stylish on the Silver hardware.

The fashion for unusual or brand touting versions of hardware dates all the way back to the days of the 8bit machines. In recent years, particularly with Nintendo handhelds it has reached fever pitched; these special editions fetch a pretty penny on eBay once their stocks have sold through.

There have been rumours of other limited edition DS's for Zelda in the US, so it is unclear whether this is a new option or something that is limited to Europe. Either way it has got Zelda fans both sides of the Atlantic a-buzz with excitement.

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