Codemasters teases an upcoming announcement

It looks like it'll be incoming next week

Codemasters has hinted that they may have something to announce next week.

Community manager Lee Williams speaking in the Codies blog weekly update that developers and PR folk alike are rushing around in preparation for something.

Williams wrote, “It’s like the calm before the storm this week, developers are getting builds ready, the PR guys are preparing PR stuff and the Community Team are busy teasing something…” Codemasters teases an upcoming announcement

Rumours on what they will be announcing have been circulating for some time. They are believed to have at least two new games coming this year. They're definitely preparing a next-gen launch for the F1 series and both Dirt and Grid have been implicated as well in the rumours.

Whatever it is we'll probably find out next week. Williams signed off saying, "We'll be back next week... and after taking a look at the weather forecast it looks like we could be in for a storm after all..."

Thanks VideoGamer.

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