The Division is so good it makes me want to quit my job says Hideo Kojima

Kojima full of praise for The Division

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima seems to be incredibly impressed by Massive Entertainment's new Tom Clancy title, The Division.

Massive Entertainment's David Polfeldt has related a tale about a visit they received from Hideo Kojima at their E3 booth last summer.

"Two minutes after E3 opened, we had Hideo Kojima come over to the Ubisoft booth and he said I want to see The Division,” Polfeldt began. “Then the press guy said politely, ‘okay so do you want to see the other Ubisoft games?’ [Kojima replied] ‘nope I just want to see The Division.’ The very first presentation we did at E3 was made for Hideo Kojima and his interpreter. Then he leans forward to his interpreter and he says ‘you guys are so good, it makes me want to quit my job'." The Division is so good it makes me want to quit my job says Hideo Kojima

He added, "So that was the first presentation at E3, and you can imagine after having been in what we felt like a coal mine for a long time, you get [Hideo Kojima coming over to see The Division] within 5 minutes of the show opens. We were like ‘dude this has going to work.’ We had DICE over, we had Destiny over, everybody else came over and said guys, ‘this is excellent, what have you been doing? Please show it to us.’ That was a career highlight, absolutely!"

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