A beta is on the cards for The Crew

The Crew's creative director speaks of making the game's launch as smooth as possible

Creative director on The Crew Julian Gerighty has indicated that a beta phase is definitely something that they are considering for the game

It has been quite a wait for Ubisoft's online racer The Crew but as a predominantly online title beta testing will be key to the game having a smooth launch.

He explained to GameReactor, "We're still in the closing phase, so we're still making some tough decisions on content. It's a great moment and a really bad moment, because you see some of your design features get cut or pushed back. But, polish, and we're still working on making the launch as painless as possible - that's with closed betas and different things that we're going to be doing around that." A beta is on the cards for The Crew

Gerighty added when pushed about an open beta, "I can't talk to you about that. I wish I could, but I can't. But it makes sense."

The Crew is expected to be released in the autumn on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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