Next Deus Ex game may be getting multiplayer

Eidos Montreal looking for an online programmer

A new job posting on the Eidos Montreal website seems to indicate that they are preparing multiplayer for an upcoming Deus Ex title.

The developer is looking for an online programmer to work on Deus Ex: Universe, the project revealed by the studio in October of last year. Deus Ex: Universe is a project that spans multiple games although there is definitely a new game in the series in development on next-gen consoles and PC.

Square Enix recently trademarked Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, a name that could indicate some kind of multiplayer leanings although it is unclear whether it's related to the next-gen title in development or not. Mobile title Deus Ex: The Fall was the first part of an episodic series after all so it could be related to that. Next Deus Ex game may be getting multiplayer

The series has been a predominantly single player series so far and may fans will be naturally wary that Square Enix may have asked Eidos Montreal to try and shoe-horn in some kind of multiplayer, a strategy that hasn't really worked for them in the past.

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