Xbox partners up with Channel 4 for a new TV series Humans

TV show due to air next year on Channel 4 and Xbox

Microsoft has announced a partnership between Xbox Entertainment Studios and Channel 4 to create a new TV series, Humans.

Humans is an English-language adaptation of the Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans and is adapted by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, the guys behind Spooks.

The series runs in a parallel-present where the latest must-have gadget is a robotic servant created to be almost human called a Synth. It focuses on a father who buys a second-hand Synth to help home life. However, it ends up being much more trouble than it's worth, harbouring an extraordinary secret. Xbox partners up with Channel 4 for a new TV series Humans

Channel 4's head of drama, Piers Wenger said, “In Humans, Sam and Jon have not only crafted an ingenious and imaginative thriller, but they’re also asking big, thought-provoking questions about how we live. I’m thrilled to be working once again with the team at Kudos and to be partnering with Xbox to bring this extraordinary and epic series to the screen. This is the first co-production commission to benefit from Channel 4’s increased investment in drama and reaffirms our commitment to ambitious, highly original drama series.”

The show will begin filming during the summer and will premiere on Channel 4 and Xbox next year.

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