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Activision promise racing genre excellence with Bizarre

Ambitious plans afoot

Bizarre Creations may no longer be able to work on the Project Gotham Racing series in tandem with Microsoft any more, but despite this loss the developer are forging ahead with a broadening of their horizons alongside new owners Activision. The US publisher clearly have designs upon the racing genre, and have purchased Bizarre with the express intention of making their mark.

"It's true there is a lot of competition out there but Bizarre Creations is not just a studio - it's one of the very best studios in the world, and we will be able to deliver an outstanding racing game to the market", Activision Europe boss Joerg Trouvain told trade mag MCV in the wake of the purchase.

Microsoft, meanwhile, are promising the continuation of the PGR series, presumably at another developer - Activision meanwhile will look to forge a multi-platform racing 'IP' of epic proportions - perhaps looking to the Need for Speed series as the way ahead.

The purchase of Bizarre "should enable us to take the racing genre beyond where it is today" adds Acti exec Robin Kaminsky.

More soon.

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