Bizarre Creations acquired by Activision

Project Gotham makers lose independent status

In surprise news which emerged late yesterday, Activision have wholly acquired Project Gotham 4 developer Bizarre Creations, with the latest in the developer's racing series but days from stores.

Explaining the sale, which involves a publisher who haven't worked with the company in the past, Bizarre moot the pressures of independence and the difficulty of acquiring new IP to work with.

"As I'm sure you can imagine, the most dangerous time for any independent is the period in between projects (or more precisely in between publishers)", Bizarre explain. "We've finally found a solution which allows us to not only stay as secure and profitable as we already are as a company, but also to continue to create kickass games in exactly the same way as we're doing now."

Apparently, the deal has not been undertaken in order to "save" the firm, and Bizarre are quick to state that the sale is different from other acquisitions. The Activision agreement will instead see the developer move to "the next level," with more multi-platform games, and that the publisher will take a 'hands-off' approach to their new charges.

For now, however, very little is likely to change for Bizarre. "Firstly, Geometry Wars will remain unaffected; we'll continue to expand and advance the series just as we were going to do before. The Club will still be released with SEGA, Geometry Wars Galaxies will still be released with Sierra, and PGR4 will continue to be supported after its launch in October," concluded an official update.

More on the freshly-clouded future of this UK developer as we get it.

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