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Ninja Theory excited by the Xbox One's unrealised potential

SmartGlass, Game DVR and Kinect voice control hold untapped potential according to Enslaved devs

Devil May Cry and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory has expressed their excitement over the potential that the Xbox One represents.

The studio's product manager Dominic Matthews believes that the Xbox One has amazing potential especially with the functionality offered by SmartGlass, Game DVR and Kinect voice control.

He began, "We know what can be done with the technology, and it is impressive, we just need some time for this to be realised in games that will actually be in the hands of players. I personally like the ability to capture your gameplay on the Xbox One, being able to share your game experiences very easily is great and it will make the life of those crazy-combo video makers a lot easier!" Ninja Theory excited by the Xbox One's unrealised potential

"At the moment it feels like technology that's cool,” he continued, “but that hasn't seamlessly worked its way into the way we play games. I'd like to see more games use it in ways that makes playing games more user-friendly, like using one word to access a menu that might otherwise be multiple button presses away."

"Second-screen functionality is also very cool, but again I think it needs time to mature,” Matthews added. “We've seen the 'call in an airstrike trick' a few times now and I think we're ready to see something that takes it to a whole new level."

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