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Day of Defeat for Activision

New Valve deal sealed

Massive US-based publisher Activision, today revealed that they have arranged a new deal that will see them publish brand new Valve Software (of the Half-Life fame) games. The first fruits of the new deal will be the arrival of Day of Defeat on the PC this May, a game that utilises Valve's Half-Life technology.

Day of Defeat is a multiplayer first-person shooter, set during World War II, that will see the Allies and the Axis engaged in all manner of realistic combat action; from all-out assault to cunning sniping. The game originally began life as a MOD, but has been improved and expanded for this full release.

"Activision has been a pioneering games publisher since the days of the Atari 2600, and the company has never been more influential than it is today," enthused Valve Director Gabe Newell. "It's an honour to enter this new partnership and have the opportunity to take Day of Defeat, an ambitious product born of the MOD community, to gamers around the world in a great retail offering."

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