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Friend notifications coming in with the next Xbox One update

Xbox One to catch up with the Xbox 360's social features very soon

Microsoft has announced some details of what they have coming to the Xbox One with the next system update.

The April update will give Xbox One users the old Friend notifications were inexplicably absent from the machine's dashboard at launch.

There are more substantial additions in the new update though. Support for Blu-Ray playback at 50Hz, the ability to automatically reboot after system updates and the ability to manually search and install new updates when they're available are all big features that will hit the Xbox One with the new update. Friend notifications coming in with the next Xbox One update

Major Nelson said on the new updates, "We’re committed to delivering innovation through system updates, and I can’t say enough how integral fan feedback is to this process. Some features previewed won’t always make it to launch right away because we want to help ensure the best experience for our fans before pushing a new feature."

Thanks GameSpot.

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