The Snowdrop Engine powering The Division has been 5 years in development

Engine was Massive Entertainment's answer to problems facing next-gen developers

Massive Entertainment has revealed that their Snowdrop Engine, the power behind The Division, has been in development for five years already.

Rodrigo Cortes brand art director at Massive gave revealed that they began developing the engine with the idea that they wanted to be able to build triple-A games with a smaller development team.

"We started to work on [Snowdrop] very early on, like, around five years ago, thinking of what would be coming in the next-generation and what were the challenges, and also looking at the constraints we have,” Cortes explained. “We're in Sweden, we have a way of working where we don't have the amount of people or the types of games we want to make. So we wanted to make a AAA game that would compete with the biggest in the industry while having a reasonably-sized studio like Massive.” The Snowdrop Engine powering The Division has been 5 years in development

He went on, "The whole development very early on was based on those constraints. How are we going to tackle next-gen? How are we going to tackle AAA production? The solution was to make a new engine, and it was coupled to The Division very early on."

Snowdrop is the fourth next-gen engine in the works at Ubisoft along with the Assassin's Creed Anvil Next engine, the Dunia engine that powered Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs' Disrupt engine.

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