PS3 News

Home Beta update impresses testers

New features and functionality added

Speaking anonymously to, Home Beta testers have revealed that Sony have let rip an expansive update to the online world - making massive improvements as the social-networking 'game' rumbles towards full release later this year.

Apparently, testers are now able to access the Home Square area of the game, a new aspect of the MMO title that Sony revealed at E3. We're also told that game downloads are now location-specific, with the title only downloading areas relevant to the user as needed, making file sizes smaller and experiences smoother.

Elsewhere and a new Home Safe menu will allow users to add friends lists and block other users, as well as instating a 'report' tool, for dobbing-in naughty users.

Final, we hear talk of a DivX logo turning up in the Home Beta, hinting that thusly encoded videos could starting turning up fully integrated into the online world.

We'll bring you more Home as we get it.

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