John Carmack responds to Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR

Oculus CTO believes it was inevitable, Facebook understand 'the big picture'

Oculus CTO, John Carmack has been giving his opinions of the surprise acquisition of Oculus VR by social giant Facebook.

Carmack expressed some surprise at how soon one of the companies her refers to as “the Titans” invested in Oculus and he was even surprised that it was Facebook although he conceded that it was inevitable.

He responded via a comment on a blog post on the acquisition on the blog of chiptune musician Peter Berkman. He wrote, "The fairly rapid involvement of the Titans is inevitable, and the real question is how deeply to partner with, and who. Honestly, I wasn't expecting Facebook (or this soon)." John Carmack responds to Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR

"I wasn't personally involved in any of the negotiations,” he went on. “I spent an afternoon talking technology with [Facebook CEO] Mark Zuckerberg, and the next week I find out that he bought Oculus."

On the concerns raise by Oculus's crowdfunding backers on Facebook's involvement Carmack stated, "There is a case to be made for being like Valve, and trying to build a new VR ecosystem from the ground up. This is probably what most of the passionate fans wanted to see. The difference is that, for years, the industry thought Valve was nuts, and they had the field to themselves. Valve deserves all their success for having the vision and perseverance to see it through to the current state."

"VR won't be like that. The experience is too obviously powerful, and it makes converts on contacts,” he went on. "I do have reason to believe they [Facebook] get the Big Picture as I see it, and will be a powerful force towards making it happen. You don't make a commitment like they just did on a whim."

Thanks Polygon.

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