BioShock 2 hinted by 2K

Zelnick talks sequels and 'two-year cycle'

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the runaway success of 2K's superior FPS BioShock, rumours of a sequel are already rife, with 2K boss Strauss Zelnick admitting as much in a conference call with investors.

Zelnick stated that a two-year release cycle similar to that employed in the development of Grand Theft Auto installments could be used for future BioShock releases - meaning that a BioShock 2 could arrive in 2009. Zelnick also revealed that sales of the game have so far topped 1.5 million, and the game could go on to become one of the fastest sellers in history.

BioShock is also Xbox Live's top demo download to date, with more than one million copies grabbed so far. "We are really pleased that Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace has managed to attract a record number of gamers to its site to download and check out BioShock," added a jubilant Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K Games. BioShock 2 hinted by 2K

BioShock is one of the best reviewed games of all time, and certainly the pick of the year to date. We'll keep you posted on all things related to this extraordinary title.

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