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7,000 year ban for Halo fan

Epsilon stow-away pays heavy price

One Xbox Live gamer is reported to have picked-up a record breaking more-than 7,000 year ban after saucily tricking his way into the Epsilon beta test version of Halo 3, much to Microsoft and Bungie's consternation.

Reports on and GameSpot seem to affirm the truth to the ban, inflicted upon one Halo fan going by the in-game name of 'Scar'. The Live user says that he was granted access to the Epsilon build by a friend, and enjoyed Halo 3 for "maybe six hours" before being kicked-out on loading attempts.

Trying to access Xbox Live the next day, Scar discovered to his horror that he had been banned until December 31st 9999. Apparently, Scar isn't the only user to be hit with a super ban for breaking the terms of using Live, the user stating they will not appeal after watching similarly punished users fail in attempts to regain access.

More on this as we get it.

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