Karakker departs Sony

Marketing big-wig off to Vodka bliss

David Karakker, Sony Computer Entertainment America's senior director of corporate communications, has announced that he is to depart the console maker - with Friday being the executive's last day in Sony-land.

Karakker has been a vocal publicist of all things PlayStation throughout his tenure, riding the PS3 through a number of PR storms - not least the confusion and outrage that surrounded the company's pricing strategy announcements at E3 earlier this summer.

While other senior figures at Sony could often be found contradicting each other and blundering into PR disasters (anyone remember the poor chap that accidentally admitted the Wii was 'more fun' than the PS3?), Karakker was usually able to offer a concise and direct answer on matters pertaining to Sony's occasionally controversial console.

"It has been a wild ride and an incredibly enriching experience," read an email sent to the media. "I have enjoyed immensely my tenure at SCEA and think the company and its brands are very well positioned to have an exceptional holiday and a very bright future. I look forward to continuing to follow this industry as a gamer, rather than a spokesperson."

Karakker will leave to take up a position as head of PR for Skyy Vodka in San Francisco, though he isn't the latest industry name to be on the move - Nintendo lost most of their marketing wing earlier this year, and Xbox heavyweight Peter Moore recently jumped ship from Microsoft to EA Sports.

More business shenanigans as we get it.

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