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Titanfall cheaters to match cheaters against other cheaters only

Cheater servers will be "something that will resemble the Wimbledon of aimbot contests."

Respawn has announced details on how they will be dealing with those players that want to cheat in Titanfall.

So far they have just been collecting data on those that are trying to hack and cheat the game on PC but now measures are active to punish those that cheat at Titanfall on the PC.

Instead of imposing an outright ban on those caught cheating, offenders will be locked out of some of the game's features like progression and the Challenges system. Cheaters will also have their main menu marked with the message “Cheat Detected” and matchmaking will be limited others who have been caught cheating. Titanfall cheaters to match cheaters against other cheaters only

So far Respawn has only announced details of how they'll be dealing with cheating on the PC as it is the platform where players are most likely to cheat. This doesn't mean that those that cheat on Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox 360 version won't be punished in some way.

Thanks US Gamer.

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