Wii still shines in Japan

Sony closing?

The Nintendo Wii unsurprisingly leads the way in the latest Japanese sales figures, though the PS3's lot has improved slightly, with Enterbrain's numbers stating the gap may have narrowed a little. That said, the Wii is still out-selling Sony's rival next-gen offering by 3-to-1.

The Wii sold 245,653 consoles in the four week period ending August 26th, news agency Bloomberg revealing that this means the console has so far sold over 3.4 million in Japan alone. The PS3, meanwhile, was still some way behind shifting 81,541 over the period. This number has pushed the system beyond the 1.1 million point.

The Xbox 360, meanwhile, is still about as appealing to Japanese gamers as a Hernia, shifting just 11,288 and left standing at a cumulative figure still comfortably less than half-a-million. It appears from these new numbers that the PS3 may have closed the gap - after July to August sales dropped 38% at Nintendo but only 11% at Sony.

Of course, with the Summer lull now coming to an end it will be interesting to see if Sony can continue closing the gap, or whether Nintendo will once again romp ahead with the Christmas season approaching. More as we get it, then.

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