Valve doesn't count costs

MD doesn't know cost of Orange Box

According to chatter from Gabe Newell in's new interview with the Valve boss, the Half-Life 2 developer have never been one for counting beans, the MD stating that he isn't even sure how much October release Orange Box cost to make.

"One of the nice things about being an independent developer is we just keep everybody busy. We're making lots of money, and we just focus on what we're trying to build and then build it," he explained.

It's a question of ethos, Newell reveals, stating that decisions are only taken in a broader context. "We're trying to make the decisions that a gamer would if they were given the opportunity to run a games company," Newell offers. "We've never really even had a conversation internally where we say 'we've put enough money into this - let's just cut it off'. That's not even a conversation that happens at Valve."

With news that Midway's Stranglehold could have cost as much as 30 million USD, focus has increasingly settled on the cost of developing next-gen titles, not something Valve are apparently concerned by, the free-form nature of the company merely ensuring that the money keeps rolling in. More soon.