Schafer promises new title in 2008

Jack Black to star?

Game design legend Tim Schafer is promising a new game from his studio, Double Fine, come 2008, the developer revealed in an address at the Game Developers Conference early last week.

The much celebrated designer of several adventure classics couldn't delve into any details about his latest opus, but did reveal that it should hit town next year. What else is new? Well, we also learn that Sierra / Vivendi are set to publish the new offering - whatever it might turn out to be.

Online chitter-chatter does hint at a few details regarding the new game however, one particular rumour hinting that the game would be called Brutal Legend and would star Tenacious D front-man and movie star Jack Black. Indeed, Schafer has even conceded that some of said rumours are true, while others are not.

We'll keep our noses to the ground for more tittle-tattle.

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