Nintendo dominates Japan and US sales

DS and Wii remain the machines to beat

Nintendo's vice-like grip on Japanese gaming hardware sales continued with the latest stats in from Media Create, who reveal that the DS lead the way in the most recent week of sales - racking-up 153,834 sales. Over the same week, the Wii console also shifted 73,938 systems.

Some way behind, but still respectable, the PSP landed 33,715 sales, with the PS3 still some way behind on 21,231. Then there's the PS2, still managing to pull in the odd punter with 15,240 - a fact attributed to the release of a new Winning Eleven (Pro Evo) title in Japan. The Xbox 360, however, is still languishing in the land of the rising sun, shifting a paltry 2,445.

Moving across the Pacific to take in the latest figures for July in the United States, we see that once again the Wii is serving Nintendo well, shifting 425,000 units with the DS close behind on 405,000.

Despite the PS3 price-cut, the Xbox 360 remains just ahead of Sony's rival, selling 170,000 for the month compared to a still-improved 159,000. This with the Xbox 360's US price-cut to be reflected in August's numbers. Elsewhere and the PS2 (222,000) and the PSP (214,000) still beat their flashier rivals.

More factoids soon.

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