Eidos working on Highlander game

Slashing into view in 2008

Eidos Interactive are busy crafting a new game based on the Highlander series, in late news out of the Games Convention in Leipzig. Word has it that French developer Widescreen Games are behind the new title, which is being honed for release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The predictable third-person action-adventure is on the agenda, with a plot spanning 2000 years on the cards as players explore medieval Scotland, feudal Japan, futuristic New York and even travel to Pompeii just before the big eruption.

Various weapons will be on offer as you traverse the globe facing other immortals in battle, and there will be a range of special skills on offer such as Resurrection, Chi Balance, Fire Blade, et al. You'll play as new kid on the block Owen Macleod, facing 77 nasties, many derived from the films or TV show.

A violent action-focussed title looks likely, and there will be 18 missions.

A release in 2008 is planned.

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